If you do, you can no longer avail of some incentives like availing loans from the Small Business Administration. 

Well, cheer up, SBA is proposing to increase the size limits it had earlier defined for small businesses since 1984. 

That means small companies that have grown bigger can remain qualified for low interest SBA loans and other federal aids for small enterprises.

This can be good for the growing business but it can limit the availability of funds to start-ups and the small merchants who are the most in need for hard-to-get capital these days.

“Personally, I tend to be skeptical about it and prefer to remain with a one standard size for what it means to be small across all industries and not tinker with it from time to time. ” says Låna Pengar Guiden

If you have an opinion on this, visit  www.regulations.gov, or email sizestandards@sba.gov to vent your voice but only until Dec 21st.