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There are a lot of options out there these days when it comes to digital marketing for your brand.

One of these ways is through social media. The vast majority of your target audience is on social media, which means that if you can get your brand in front of them, you’re going to do really well.

With Instagram, this means engagement – which isn’t as straightforward as you may think.

For this reason, it’s recommended that you outsource your engagement as much as possible to companies you can trust.

You can’t trust them all, though. Let’s take a look at AiGrow and give them a review.

What is AIGrow?

AIGrow Review actually intrigues us, unlike many of the other Instagram marketing companies out there.

This is because they don’t hide the fact that they’re an Instagram bot – in fact, they use this as one of their main selling points.

This is interesting because there is a lot of stigma around Instagram bots, mainly because Instagram generally doesn’t condone the use of them.

This is because they can make your account look spammy and put a red flag on it.

It’s also worth noting, that AI Grow is a rebrand of Tagscout – which was recently shut down by Instagram.

Let’s give AiGrow a review and see how they do.

A Review of AiGrow

We’ll begin with the positives:

  • Secure Site: surprisingly, AI Grow does have a secure site – which means they’ve done their research. They know what’s important to have and what’s not too important when it comes to security around their website. They also know that securing their site with HTTPS means that they will rank a lot better in Google, and they will be able to protect their clients’ information.
  • Visible Pricing: not only do AiGrow have their price points available on their website, but they’ve made a completely different page for them. We’re very impressed by this because we think it shows that they actually care enough about their business to put a bit of effort in. They’ve got an interesting way of showing their prices, though. They’ve got three main price points at the top of this page, and then ten to fifteen alternatives, which we found to be slightly confusing.
  • FAQ and Help Page: AI Grow also features an FAQ page, which is excellent if you’re looking around and need to know a bit more about what other people have asked. It’s a great way to get to know a company better before you commit to anything and shows us that AiGrow is happy to be transparent with its customers.
  • Authenticated Gateway: when you’re running a business on a website, it’s important that you protect your payment gateway from hackers. Without this, your customers can’t comfortably share their information without the risk of it being stolen.

Now, let’s go over the negatives:

  • 24/7 Support: while they do have a chatbox in the bottom right-hand corner of their website, this isn’t available to customers all the time. It is only available during business hours, which is a bit of a disappointment – with online services, it’s vital that they make their customer team available for as much of the day as possible. If there is a technical issue, you’ll want to speak to someone immediately.
  • Real Reviews: we’re almost convinced by AI Grows reviews on their homepage – and we could still be wrong about this. They look incredibly convincing and appear to be real, which is what we’re looking for. However, with a company this new it’s hard to collect authentic, positive reviews over such a short period of time so there is that chance that they paid for them.

Is AiGrow a Scam? Is it Safe?

While AiGrow looks excellent on paper and has genuinely impressed us with their website, at the end of the day we have to say that no, they’re not safe to use.

This is because they are claiming to provide you with organic growth – however because they’re an automated bot, there’s no way that they can achieve this. In all reality, it’s not going to take long for Instagram to catch wind of them and start to investigate, before most likely banning them altogether.

Your page could go down with them too because Instagram red flags pages that look too spammy. Best to look elsewhere for your engagement.

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Is AiGrow a service you really want to associate with? Our research discovered shady practices surrounding this Instagram bot.

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