A research study conducted by computer giant IBM taken from 2,400 respondents reveals a stark trend that may soon drastically alter the way businesses get their products advertised.
The forecast hinges on three major trends.

First is the fact that consumers are increasingly gaining more control with marketing messages they come across, interacting and filtering them out in most cases.

Second, creativity gets democratized with peer=sharing sites like Facebook, YouTube and other social networking sites where amateurs can create their own ads to make advertising agencies a dinosaur.

Lastly, with Pay-Per-Click online advertising, there’s more measurability and results-orientation in advertising giving traditional advertising media in TV more pressure to show its usefulness.

As this seems inevitable, the study suggests a re-thing of advertising strategies with a more personalized and customized to specific market groups, like holding contests or sponsorships of localized events.

The challenge really is how you would make consumers notice your ads with so many other ads compete for their attention is increasingly smaller time windows and attention spans. Think about it.