Listen, YouTube attracts more than 2 billion users per month.

It’s Google’s most popular service, pulling in more users than Gmail.

Even more impressive, YouTube boasts over 1 billion hours of video per day, more than Facebook and Netflix combined!

Add the many tutorials, demos and lectures uploaded every day and what you get is an all-inclusive learning resource that any serious graphic designer should take advantage of.

Of course, with these numbers comes a vast collection of channels, making it relatively hard to choose one that suits your needs.

Best YouTube Channels for Learning Graphic Design

What follows is a rundown of the best YouTube channels for learning graphic design to enable you to pick from a point of information.

1. Will Paterson

Want to learn how to use a brush pen? Not a problem! Will Paterson will get you sorted.

With over 300,000 subscribers, this is a brilliant channel for people who are trying to learn the ropes of graphic design. Paterson sets himself apart from the crowd by including humor in his tutorials.

That way, it becomes easy to grasp his material.

He focuses on brand identity, Adobe Illustrator and logo design.

2. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is undoubtedly one of the best YouTube channels for graphic designers. As the name suggests, it is the place to be if you want to take your Photoshop skills to the next level.

With a subscriber base of over 450,000 people, it offers short, straight-to-the-point videos.

Here, you’ll have an in-depth knowledge of Photoshop and how to make the most out of different tools.

Adobe Photoshop is ideal for amateur and experienced designers.

3. PHLearn

PHLearn promises to make learning fun. With over 1.5 million subscribers, it offers tons of videos with a wealth of information on how to sharpen up your Photoshop proficiency.

And, unlike most channels, PHLearn covers everything from how to remove anything from a photo to how to color tone any photo in Photoshop.

The level of engagement on this channel is excellent too.

All you need to do to get more info on a specific topic is to leave a question, and the team of professionals behind the channel will get back to you.

Or, look for your answer in their over 500 tutorials.

On top of that, PHLearn holds contests from time to time, enabling graphic designers to showcase their prowess.

4. Every Tuesday

Run by Teela Cunningham, a graphic designer with years of experience to her name, Every Tuesday is a great channel to learn how to use tools such as InDesign and Photoshop as well as Adobe Illustrator.

She also teaches about hand-lettering, a popular topic with subscribers.

Speaking of subscribers, Every Tuesday has a following of more than 170,000 people, further cementing it as one of the best YouTube channels for learning graphic design irrespective of your skill level.

Oh and, Cunningham shares her tutorials every Tuesday of the week.

5. Swerve Designs

Swerve Designs has more than 160,000 subscribers and is the channel to visit if Photoshop and Illustrator is your area.

The most viewed tutorial is Flat Design with over 550,000 views.

It teaches how to create the meteor effect using Illustrator.

Others include Lettering and Logotype from scratch as well as how to create a Poster Advert using Photoshop.

6. PhotoGavin

Run by Garvin Hoey, this YouTube channel focuses on Photoshop and photography.  Tutorials center on fine-tuning photos and digital imaging.

PhotoGavin is an extension of, a website that shares tips and information on Photoshop and photography.

With over 260,000 subscribers, Hoey’s channel is a must watch if you want to learn how to add a magical touch to your photos and by extension, your photography.

7. Robert Blake

Robert Blake is an InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Illustrator wizard.

With over 150 videos and over 350,000 subscribers, he teaches about brand development, video marketing and graphic designing (obviously). Blake has an entrepreneurial background too.

He shares videos that cover business topics with helpful insights on how to make inroads in the business world. In fact, one his most watched videos teaches how to make passive income online.

Even then, that doesn’t take away the fact that Robert Blake is a brilliant YouTube channel for graphic designers.

The Bottom Line

Sure, these aren’t the only YouTube channels to learn graphic design, there’s some other ones with huge numbers of views & subscribers – but the one’s we have listed are some of the most useful. Check them out!