A logo represents a visual identity that will adorn your website, documents and many other items. The logo is unique to your brand and makes sure you are identifiable even without having to talk about your company.

Truth is that there are so many types of logos that you need to choose from. Each type of logo category has its own advantages, so it is just right that you take time and consider what kind of logo you need. Here are the top categories to look at.

  1. Pictorial Mark

This is a logo that is made up of an icon or graphic symbol. The symbol usually represents a real world object. This can be the outline of an object such as an animal or a tree. The object ought to relate to the story of your company.

The main advantage of this type of logo is that it is clean and easy to visualize. For instance, the play button for YouTube is a great logo.

  1. Mascots

This is the image of a person or character that represents the image of the business. Think of the mascot as the spokesperson of the brand. However, you need to choose a person that is well known, for instance the founder of the company.

The biggest advantage is that the mascots give customers a personalized level of interaction. It also appeals to a certain age group, especially since the character is physical and tangible.

  1. Abstract Logos

These are conceptual logos. Just like a pictorial logo, the abstract logo consists of symbols that are just made specifically for you. The only difference is that the image might not mimic something that exists rather something that will express your brand.

The best thing about this type of log is that it gives you the option to get creative about the brand. The design isn’t restricted to real-world objects, which means there is room to wriggle around.

This is a logo that gives you that traditional feel. The logo consists of typeface which sits within a border usually a crest or a seal. This is common with government organizations and universities.

These logos are memorable and give an air of traditionalism and professionalism. They also give the impression that the company has been around for ages, which add some sense of trust to the company.

  1. Combination Marks

The logo is self explanatory – the logo combines both words and images in their design. The logo is comprised of letters and images that you choose and that have meaning to your business. You can combine a pair of letters with a mascot or abstract image to bring out the meaning you wish to convey.

The main advantage is that the logo is versatile. Using images and letters allows you to craft a clear message that will stick for long.

Final Words

Your logo is as important as your business name and you need to make sure you craft it the best way possible. When making the decision to choose a logo, consider the various types to choose the best one for your business.