Before you start thinking of hiring a major-league CTO for startup of yours so that it glows and prospers, firstly, get a clear picture of who these specialists are and the value they add.

If the definition is some sort of “technological wizard,” you are for sure not far from being right. However, there is more to the story.

CTO indeed has the technical affairs of your company under control. Yet, CTO wouldn’t be that much-coveted if this specialist was hired just for the sake of MVP development.

CTOs are treasured for having a sharp eye for every moment, tech-wise, and managing the business field with an exclusively entrepreneurial mastery. 

CTO Hiring Benefits

Being a non-technical startup founder with a tech product, it’s crucial to focus on having such a position a) created; b) filled ASAP; c) ASAP…yet with the right person.

Let’s see what benefits are guaranteed when you hire CTO of high-profile standards. 

First of all, you achieve a professional who manages tech issues from an intricate business perspective.

Next, tech strategy is being created with all the major details kept in mind like goal-setting, budgeting, planning, allocation of responsibilities.

Also, CTO can grow the strategy into a solid roadmap that will nurture even tinier details than those that the tech strategy deals with ( terms, assignments, communication, delivery, etc.).

A roadmap has it all; the only thing left is to have a team start working on it. 

Do not forget to add smart marketing approaches to keeping up with trends and making sure that the magnificence of the product reaches its target clientele, alongside knowledgeable management of a tech team through guidance, appreciation, and leadership support.

Oh, one more thing: according to Findstack source, 50% of entrepreneurs report acquiring a mental health condition. Well, hiring a CTO for startup will spare you from appearing on the list. 

How To Hire the Ideal CTO

So far, it’s become clear on the matter of chief tech officer’s importance. Therefore, the urge to hire CTO keeps on getting louder, and the prospect of the bright future for the startup keeps on pounding hard, pushing you to develop a strategy on how to get the Mary Poppins and have the wind never change.

Here comes a bit of a challenge: it is quite a no “no-brainer” to get a high-quality specialist on board, especially being a startup, which may not serve an impressive salary on the table at its initial stages.

So then, what might be the ways to hire a CTO who will help you build a product or improve the existing one and be OK with not getting the same perks as Google offers.

Here are the 5 tips for you to play the hiring card right and get the right fit from whatever angle the situation is looked at.

1. Thorough Profile Learning 

Whether you are looking on your own or turn to Virtual CTO services, you must learn the candidate’s profile. The CV-going-through is not the same as meeting a candidate in person.

Yet, it’s crucial to learn through every piece of information, and it may not be pertaining solely to CV reading.

Social media profiles can give a hint on who the candidate is both as a professional and a personality while getting a preview of their hard and not that hard skills. 

Seeing “Seeking CTO position in a promising startup” will not be enough to send the invite for the interview immediately.

Getting to know the person before you get to know him or her sounds strange, but a legit procedure is implemented to know how to elicit potentially useful information.

2. Have a Clear Communication

When interviewing the candidates, make sure that you clearly communicate the gist of your business, the goals,  and the big purpose.

No confusion, same page, clear vision. Of course, major discussions and clarification will take place during the process of work itself.

However, it’s essential to see how the person starts responding and reacting to what you have to say so that to estimate how smoothly the conversation flows and the same pages are being flipped simultaneously.

When you offer clarity and demonstrate how deep you are about your business and how reasonable your high expectations are, it impresses and evokes solid consideration of accepting the job.

High-profile CTOs are usually a bit reluctant to apply their startup skills and get interviewed just to see what your startup is made of.

When you come clean and exclusively passionate about your “baby,” CTO-to-be might want to give a hand in raising it and sending it off to a big world.

3. Sell the Idea High 

Bringing in a CTO who will solve tech challenges, improve marketing, know every part of the product, and manage the tech team to its most productive outcome may call for more than just a whopping passionate description of the startup.

The passion you already have. Now you have to transform it into a persuasive reason for the candidate to choose the startup over other more lucrative offers, impressive CTO salary offers,  and perks.

No, you must not lie. Be as transparent as possible, but don’t sell things short. You might just be starting, but there is a screaming potential that responsive and diligent management will unfold.

4. Employ the Third Party Opinion

It’s been mentioned a couple of times that a CTO specialist is quite an essential position for the company to thrive.

Sometimes, it’s quite recommended to create some network of opinions concerning the candidate. One thinking and assessing head are great,  but several will contribute more objectively.

Therefore as a founder, you might get into a trap of thinking that you can tell the best, but honestly, that is your founder-ego talking.

Like-minded people, willing to work for the greater good of the product together will produce the right collective decision.

5. Settling Is Off-Limits

Yes, you might be at the dawn of real success, and the volume of a startup’s potential is ongoing in growth, and yes, your salary rate may not look appealing to CTO gurus.

Notwithstanding this, you should not settle for somebody you do not feel  100% sure about. Just the filling position for the sake of filling will not do any good. Instead of promised thriving, you will risk falling into decay.

Don’t feel discouraged about not having enough to offer; focus on the strong points and bargain them for the fitting candidate, whether a remote CTO, or the one constantly based on campus.

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When Do You Know That the CTO for Startup Is Perfect?

It’s high time to see what the definition of the most fitting candidate is. Of course, a founder has to check for the points that are beneficial exactly for the startup needs.

Yet, some general skills, experience, and knowledge will help the seeker find the right specialist. Ideal CTO has its way of managing technology, tech team, and business in general.

CTO is proactive and sees the big picture while telling each tiny bit of its composition. 

A tech expert has decent communication skills, persistence, and great leader prowess alongside being respectful of the core values, even if breaking some of them might bring in more profit.


Having a high-profile CTO on a team or getting a regular CTO consultancy is a winning experience for the startup.

All the tech solutions provided by this professional ensure that the product development and its further marketing workflow are performed in alignment with the latest trends.

Strategic view of all the things tech and seemingly innate ability to have a way with marketing makes up an irreplaceable wizard for your startup to perform magically.

T. Get your ideal CTO for a startup to have the business done right

D. To hire a CTO for a startup is halfway to success. CTO consultancy is critical for any tech business.

Fill the position following the hiring guidelines.