If you are a business owner, you know the importance of getting your brand noticed and making it memorable. One of the best ways to achieve both is to run appealing and compelling email marketing campaigns.

The ROI (return on investment) that results from email is impressive, so if you want your small business to move ahead of the competition, follow these five simple email marketing tips.

Easy Subscriptions

It should be easy for people to subscribe and unsubscribe from your email list. Too often, small businesses fail to put a subscription box/button on their websites even though they send out regular publications or newsletter to their email contacts.

A simple form box that requests their name and email address is all you need. Likewise, to avoid getting an angry email or complaint on social media, make sure you have an easy-to-find link (visible in the header or footer) in every email for people to unsubscribe.

Device Optimization

According to a Litmus study, 54 percent of all emails are read on mobile devices, like smartphones or tablets. If you’re not optimizing your email campaigns to be easily read across devices, you’re risking gaining new customers, website visits, and sales.
You should consider using business texting services along with your email campaigns. Mobile engagement is becoming more crucial to generating quality leads for your target audience.

Be Consistent

Branding isn’t going to happen unless you are consistent with your email marketing. Your email newsletters should have the same appearance as your website, social media networks, and any other marketing you participate in. Subscribers will recognize your brand when the appearance is consistent.

Easy to read, unique, and interesting content in your newsletters is a staple. The consistent tone and voice across your website, social media, and email lends to your credibility and shows you’re consistent. Use eye-catching images, relevant, concise content, and bulleted lists make images and blog posts easy to read.

Social Media

Your email campaigns can build brand awareness and social media engagement across networks. Since your customer is already getting your newsletter, you may as well have them follow you on social media as well.

Use compelling content in your newsletters to encourage social media engagement. If they don’t know you have a Facebook, Instagram (you shoulder consider a bot btw), Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Twitter account, how will they know to follow you?

Stay on Top

In order to get and stay on top, you must stand out more than your competitors. A good way to know what your competitors are doing is to subscribe to their lists and look at the content they are sharing.

You should also check their social media posts and look at their promotions. You can learn from them what is working and what isn’t, which helps you with your content, sales, and promotions.

Takeaway Thoughts

Email marketing is an essential form of contact for businesses, and it has been for several years, though it tends to change and evolve. Small businesses with a solid social media presence and a good following should incorporate that presence with their email marketing campaigns to aid in extending their audience/reach and boosting their sales.

Since it’s imperative to grow your subscriber list, these five email marketing tips will help you leverage your email campaigns, resulting in business growth.