The corporate world demands every individual to exercise some negotiation skills. Negotiation is a big part of many small or big businesses. Whether it is with your old clients or potential clients, if you master this skill, you can crack the most important deals and become the shining star of your office. 

Many experts claim that a good negotiator always works towards a win-win scenario for their office and considers the deal from the opposite party’s perspective. Do not worry if you don’t hone this skill. You can practice some negotiation exercises to help you learn this art. 

Here are a few negotiation exercises to practice regularly: 

Do not hesitate in saying no: 


Many people shy away from saying no to their peers, colleagues, family members, and other acquaintances. But do you know saying no is a part of negotiation exercises? If you develop the habit of saying no very often, you will become comfortable with the same. It will then help you call a spade a spade.

As the famous quote says – the difference between successful and very successful people is that the latter has a habit of saying no to almost everything around them. Learn the art of saying no, and you will witness growth – a positive one. 

Research is the key: 


Apart from learning how to say no, negotiation exercise also includes research. Research happens to be an essential aspect using which you can polish your negotiation skills. Proper research prepares you for the worst-case scenario, and this is where you attain perfection. 

If you are dealing with new clients, research their background. If you are connecting with the older ones, research the project. Research the market. Try to know the positives and negatives of anything and everything around you. 

Focus on body language: 

body language

Non-verbal communication can be a communication too. It is your body that speaks more than your words. Therefore, you must always focus on body language while dealing with your clients. Good body language constitutes a significant part of excellent negotiation skills. Do not shy away from mastering the same. 

Your body language should always make you look confident. Even when you have underprepared for an upcoming meeting, try to keep your head up. Show that you are more confident rather than intimidated. Nothing impresses your potential clients more than a confident professional. 

Use your negotiation skills everywhere: 

negotiation skills

Practice makes a man perfect. Thus, why not apply your negotiation skills everywhere and practice this art to perfection? The more you use this skill in your daily life, the better it is for your professional life. 

Exercising your negotiation skills in all aspects of life comes with a multitude of advantages. Apart from making you feel more confident, it improves your communication skills. It makes you a better speaker. It builds your inner confidence. Never stop negotiating. You will end up becoming a pro. 

Have an open ear: 


Last but not least, always have an open ear. Great negotiation skills are not merely about speaking well and concentrating on your body language. You need to be an active listener to understand things and then act upon them. There is a thin line between listening and active listening. 

If you are an active listener, you will end up asking crucial questions and then seeking proper responses to them. You will learn to assert your client’s viewpoint and will also engage in problem-solving abilities. 


These negotiation exercises will polish you to be a great negotiator. You will become more efficient in all the aspects of your life. Learn the above practices one by one, and then you will ace the art of negotiation.