While we are living in a world of uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic, social media activism is on the rise. Instagram answered the call by introducing Instagram Reels, which became 2020’s buzzword.

Due to the changes in our world, it is difficult to make predictions regarding Instagram trends going into 2021, but the following 5 ideas will be what shapes Instagram’s marketing future.

1. Short-Form Video Takes the Stage


Leave it to Instagram to come up with the competitive edge over TikTok with the introduction of Instagram Reels. When TikTok started becoming overly popular with millennials as well as the older crowd, Instagram took notice and action to give the people what they wanted.

This version of short-form videos grabs attention, is easy to share, goes viral faster, and satisfies the shorter attention spans of users.

What can you create with Instagram Reels? You can create educational content, product content, or service content.

Instagram Reels 2021 Predictions:

  • Experimental Reels such as 60-second videos and maybe a duet feature.
  • Brands, businesses, and influencers giving more focus to Instagram Stories, IGTV, and Reels.
  • The creation of personalized options for Reels.
  • More influencer and brand collaborations on Reels.

2. Instagram E-Commerce Tools Growth


Now that Instagram Shop is a thing, shoppers have a better, more streamlined option for discovering new products. Users can use the “Editors’ Picks”, “Browse Shops”, and other shopper-centric options to find what they want.

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Instagram’s e-commerce tools include shoppable posts, Instagram Checkout, Stories stickers, Shopping with Creators, and Live Shopping. You can expect to see these features expanded and upgraded in the coming year. This is Instagram’s answer to the small business struggle during the pandemic.

Instagram E-Commerce 2021 Predictions:

More shop features will be introduced that will make Instagram a one-stop shopping destination for everything and everyone. Using this feature for advertising and selling will become a big part of connecting with your followers and community. One such new feature already exists as you can shop with Reels.

3. Boost in Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a big deal on Instagram, going into 2021 and 2022, this feature is on track to being a $15 billion industry. Influencers are not going anywhere, pandemic or not.

Influencer marketing will see a major increase in 2021. Using the new e-commerce and creator-specific features, influencers will expand their base while creating long-term alliances with brands.

It seems the COVID-19 pandemic created a need for brands to allocate more money to influencer marketing in 2020, which will continue in 2021.

Instagram Influencer Marketing 2021 Predictions:

  • Increase in continuing creator and brand collaborations.
  • More brands will start working with nano and micro influencers for financially efficient advertising and better engagement.
  • A new affiliate marketing model to help improve tagging businesses and products in their posts.
  • Diversity-centric influencer marketing.

4. More Viral Memes and Carousel Posts


As you might suspect, Instagram memes carousel posts will continue to be a thing. These are easy to share and save for users. Since Instagram will be doing away with “likes”, this sharable content will be essential in 2021.

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What can you do with carousel content? You can create educational, information, awareness, product showcase, or any other content to engage your audience. Tip: People like tips and tricks carousel content.

Do not forget about memes that are relevant and engaging to your audience on Instagram. Unless your brand can better communicate with carousel posts, memes are another avenue for Instagram engagement.

Instagram Memes and Carousel Post 2021 Predictions:

  • More viral carousel posts with engaging content for brands will be a thing.
  • Memes done right will entice Instagrammers to share content with their family and friends and/or be a comic relief option.
  • The use of more carousel backgrounds using your recognizable aesthetics and colors will be the smart and trendy way to go.

5. Instagram as a Microblogging Platform


Instagram is expected to become the newest microblogging platform going into 2021. Long-form captions are a thing and will be used more for communities who read and engage with the written word. This option promotes comments and sharing.

Instagram Guides has created another avenue to Instagram becoming a microblogging platform. Monetization and optimization will, as usual, be the key.

Instagram Microblogging Platform 2021 Predictions:

  • If Instagram adds features like “save” to the Guides feature, it could become a go-to option for a mini blog.
  • Instagram Guides could easily become a whole new revenue stream for brands and creators with the rollout of sponsored guides.

Final Thoughts

Keep your eyes and ears open for these trending solutions that will make your Instagram experience more dynamic and profitable in 2021 and beyond.