When it comes to participating in a trade show your advertising has a critical impact on how customers see your business. A banner stand is an ideal way to advertise your company and what you offer. Banner stands are versatile tools that are worth the investment, regardless of your company’s budget.

Your banner stand can educate, inform and even entertain the public with each use. If you’re looking to get the most from your banner stand consider these 5 innovative tips.

Invest in a Quality Banner Stand

Even if you are on a tight budget, buying the cheapest banner stand is not the best option. There is a reason they are cheap; the material is flimsy, they won’t last as long and they’re more prone to breaking or bending easily. Buying a quality banner stand will help you save time and money long-term. If you attend trade shows often you’ll want a banner stand that you can depend on to last. In addition, consumers will take the quality of your advertisement into consideration when learning about your business. A cheap, flimsy banner stand may be off-putting and affect your brand image.

Use Your Banner Stand in Your Lobby

Banner stands can also be beneficial to have set up inside your lobby or reception area. This is where your customers wait and it’s the first area they see, helping them form a first impression. You want it to be a good one. Your banner stand is an affordable alternative to expensive décor as well. It’s also a great way to provide important information about your business to existing and potential customers.

Be Unique

Your banner stand is a very important marketing tool to inform consumers about your business but it could also be seen as a portable office. When you’re at a trade show, is your banner stand easy to spot? Does it stand out among the many others? Doing so will help you draw in more consumers. Making it appealing is helpful but you want to remember to keep it informative. Provide the important information that consumers want to know and need to know to better understand what it is that your business does.

Double-Sided Banner or Second Banner

The graphic of your banner stand is one of the least-expensive parts of your banner stand but it’s also interchangeable. You could opt to create a double-sided banner to give you more advertising options or you could simply have a second graphic made. This provides more flexibility and allows you to portray different messages for different services.

Banner stands aren’t only useful at trade shows. If you are a sponsor for any organizations in your community using your banner stand is a great way to show your support. It’s a great way to advertise your business while also showing you support your local community and other organizations. Potential consumers will see your banner stand and have the ability to learn more about your company. It’s not usually an expensive investment to become a sponsor and it’s a great way to further spread the word about your company.

These 5 innovative tips from the premier custom signage manufacturer in Texas – Signs Worldwide –  should help you get the most out of your banner stand and use this versatile marketing tool to its fullest potential.