The best brand identities are comprised of many different facets, each utilized to the full. Although not every aspect receives the amount of attention it perhaps should. 

Many businesses fail to land a solid impression with their clients, consumers, and partners. The shortcomings can be traced back to their brand identity and how it failed to communicate what they were about in an engaging fashion. 

What matters require your immediate attention when it comes to refining your business’ brand identity? Read on to find out. 

Logo Appeal

logo designing

Logos are an opportunity to communicate your commercial identity with a uniquely stylish design. Make your logo as dynamic and multi-layered as possible. 

You could even follow other firm’s examples by incorporating optical illusions and hidden elements into your designs for added depth. You also have the option to offer something a little more abstract, creating a thought-provoking piece of art rather than merely having your company name written in a colorful font. 

Though there are many avenues to explore, the main priority is that of making an impact. Make sure your logo radiates the mood of your brand and does so in original fashion. Being confused with other brands becomes less likely, and at the pinnacle of your success the design will become more readily recognizable. 

Thematic Consistency 


Make sure your branding is consistent in every aspect. For example, you would be right to work with a naming agency such as Namestormers. They can help you to create company, product, and service names that encapsulate your firm’s public identity. 

Trademark & Domain screening is provided to ensure there are no ownership conflicts. Global linguistic screening is also available to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation anywhere in the world. In the naming world, everything is accounted for here.

Make sure names are improved across the board, rather than just for one aspect of the business. Quirky names will not compensate for poor customer service either. Your branding is your word that you are reliable – strive for consistency to make sure that is true. 

Sensitive Evolution

Brand Identity

It will help if you evolved your brand identity over time to remain favorable in the public eye. This will enable any marketing initiatives of yours fall in line with current trends and meet the moods of the consumers. 

Undertake market research that evaluates what types of messages people are most responsive to. Improve eco-friendly practices and increase diversity in the workplace, as they are key strategies in improving public perceptions. 

Do not shy away from an image of self-improvement or from listening to customer feedback. After all, many ads today are decried as being sexist or otherwise outdated, so tap into these issues from afar to create an image of humility and accountability. Doing what is right will humanize your firm and may even increase its level of influence as a result.