Being smart is more than being intelligent. Smart people tend to be those who are self-aware, mentally prepared, clever, prompt, neat in appearance, shrewd, up on current events, charismatic, and socially adept. The totality of your personality, character, and behavior is the core of being smart.

What traits do smart business people possess?

  1. Intuition – If something doesn’t seem quite right, you need to listen to that feeling. Listen to that inner voice that’s telling you something about a person or concept to attract the right business programs and ideas, customers, and people to you.
  2. Open-mindedness – Smart people see the big picture. They’re open-minded and see potential where others don’t. Picture a parachute. Would you rather a parachute be open or closed when you jump from a plane? The human mind functions better when it’s open. Smart business people leave pride and preconceived notions behind to find effective ways to be successful.
  3. Conscious – Being self-aware is a trait every smart business person needs to possess. You need to know and understand your weaknesses, strengths, morals, beliefs, values, and your personality traits. It makes you more enlightened, which allows you to effectively read others.
  4. Creativity – Smart people aren’t content with the status quo of their lives. They are attracted to unique concepts and creative thought processes. They desire to advance in their jobs, in business, and on a personal level. They adapt and evolve. Smart people step outside of their comfort zone to progress. They are innovators.
  5. Reflectivity – Smart business owners don’t live in the past, but they do reflect on and learn from their experiences. They avoid repeating past mistakes and move forward with better ideas and become successful by doing so.
  6. Resourceful – Resourcefulness is a trait all smart people have and use well. They know where to find information, supplies, education, training, and other resources as they need them. They are constantly networking to build their referrals and resources.
  7. Timing – Smart people don’t hesitate when opportunity calls. They are the most responsive people with their partners, employees, and their customers. They handle problems swiftly and get things done ahead of time. They are known for being prompt and dependable.
  8. Continuous learning – You never stop learning. If you think you’ve learned everything you need to know about life and business, you won’t seek knowledge. Smart people are lifelong learners. They are consistently upgrading their knowledge, skills, beliefs, attitudes, and they always have cutting edge data at their fingertips. Reading relevant articles, magazines, blogs, and books will boost your personal and business development.
  9. Independence – Smart people don’t take the word of others. They question authority over blindly following the crowd, even if that crowd is full of experts. They are always asking thought-provoking questions to discover better ways to implement business strategies.
  10. Explorer mentality – Explorers don’t mind taking a few risks. Smart people like to experiment and explore new ideas and technology. They embrace the risks that might lead to failure, but then turn it around to create opportunities in the process. Their curiosity and adventurous nature is a trait that makes them successful.
  11. Lightheartedness – In a world where most people take themselves too seriously, smart people recognize that not everything is so serious. They can laugh at themselves, find the positive in the negative, find the silver lining in the most difficult of circumstances, and they have an amazing sense of humor.
  12. Goal-setters – Smart people write down their goals, dreams, visions, and desires on paper. They create journals and lists to motivate themselves. They are self-motivators. They know that writing is the first step towards turning their dreams into their reality.
  13. Believers in themselves – No one on earth is going to believe in you like you will. Smart people place their trust in themselves in the world and don’t rely on what others say, do, or think of them. They self-validate and they never wait for change to come. They create the change and embrace it. Smart people believe in themselves and are action-oriented.
  14. Reinvent themselves – Smart people don’t to feel stagnant. They desire growth and development. They are open to making changes to their brand, image, company name, logo, or even the business’ direction if they are sure it will be beneficial.
  15. Helps others – Generosity is a trait of smart people. They enjoy teaching, mentoring, coaching, supporting, and watching others become successful. Smart people are ready and willing to share their success by uplifting and motivating others so they can be successful.


Smart business people are constantly learning, networking, sharing, innovating, and improving themselves, their businesses, and the people around them. HR departments want them because they build relationships with people. They let go of things that no longer work in business or relationships that are no longer beneficial to their business. It is their intelligence, wisdom, intuition, self-awareness, and experience that makes them stand out in an average world.