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Follow Adder Review – An Archie Alternative

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On September 11, 2017
Last modified:September 12, 2017


We loved FollowAdder!

We reviewed and tested it thoroughly and we gave it 5 out of 5 stars overall.

We are reviewing Follow Adder today because Instagram recently & infamously shut down Instagress and MassPlanner – and now Archie has closed it’s doors as well.

If you were using any of these bots to automate your Instagram engagement, you’re probably feeling stranded right now.

What should you do now? Since Archie has also been shut down alongside of MassPlanner and Instagress, you’ll likely need a replacement. I recommend – Follow Adder.



Now let me tell you why I recommend this Instagram app.


Followadder’s Features

Followadder is an Instagram bot that is full of functional features that each have their own capabilities. Followadder programming is built and updated by its own programmers and by users who make requests regularly. New features/functions are added on a regular basis to ensure functionality and performance. Now, everything you need to grow your niche is in this program.

  • Easy installation and setup
  • Completely customizable
  • White list option so certain profiles are never unfollowed
  • Black list option so certain profiles are never followed
  • Full user data
  • Follow backs for users who follow you
  • Create, import, and/or export customizable lists
  • Remove users with default profile images
  • Ignore users with private profiles or default profile images
  • Time delay feature for automated actions
  • Obtain a list of any profile’s followers
  • Full overview of multiple account stats
  • Superior support services
  • Consistent, regular updates and new features added
  • Proxy support
  • Use multi-thread HTTP requests to boost speed
  • Total activity log to track what the program is doing
  • Ability to visit resulting profiles for further inspection
  • Import/Export direct messages or profile lists
  • Free trial
  • Free customer support

Just when you think they have it covered, something new, improved, or more advanced will crop up to surprise and delight you.

The Benefits of Follow Adder

Using social media networks becomes a time-consuming task that no one could maintain no matter how many hours there are in a day. That’s one of the primary reasons businesses and some individuals prefer to use bots like Followadder simply to automate social media engagement.

Followadder puts your engagement and network building on auto pilot so you can…

  • Find and create user lists that can be exported
  • Schedule automated image posts
  • Get real Instagram followers
  • Use powerful searches by hashtag, location, and other protocols
  • Automate direct messaging
  • Automate video and photo liking and commenting
  • Follow/Unfollow Instagram users
  • Increase web traffic, self-promotion, brand awareness, sales, and more
  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts from one dashboard
  • Grow your Instagram following by engaging your audience from the dashboard
  • Stop struggling with getting likes on your images
  • Find more opportunities for engagement by creating special search strings to follow specific users, keywords, and hashtags
  • Build awareness of your brand though automated activities like liking, commenting, and photo like-backs
  • Benefit from Instagram’s credibility of being the 27th most trafficked website on the globe
  • Boost your Google ranking by increasing your followers and activities

Follow Adder Helps You

  • Maximize your audience reach with Instagram promotion that occurs with engagement that boosts your follower base
  • Build interest in your niche/brand
  • Expand your niche via related micro-niches
  • Follow users who follow other, relevant accounts to increase exposure from influencers on Instagram
  • Engage with other users via likes and comments
  • Gain a loyal following from customers through engagement
  • Run daily, weekly, monthly, and/or yearly contests and giveaways to your fans to fully engage and create more interest in your brand and your profile – Use the appropriate hashtags in your images so others will use them to drive further exposure to your brand
  • Schedule your image posts to save time and post multiple posts during the day to maintain fresh content and a consistent flow of content
  • Find and use distinct hashtags that are relevant to your niche/market and properly engage with pictures in that category

You will save time and increase your exposure, expand your brand, create more engagement, and get more followers and likes by automating those tedious tasks on Instagram.

If you’re feeling left behind by the loss of Mass Planner, Instagress, or Archie, find out what Follow Adder can do to catch you up again.

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