Comparison of Content Providers

Comparison of Content Providers: Upwork vs Content Hourlies vs Textbroker

When it comes to getting content, there are hundreds of sites and thousands of writers who are eager to take your money. This can make it hard to choose the […]

Follow Adder Discount Coupon

Follow Adder Review – An Archie Alternative

We are reviewing Follow Adder today because Instagram recently & infamously shut down Instagress and MassPlanner – and now Archie has closed it’s doors as well. If you were using […]

archie shut down Is No More – Instagram Forces Another Closure

Another faithful automated Instagram bot has been shut down. Archie, like Instagress, has been shut down as requested by Instagram. Archie was a computerized bot site similar to Instagress, except […]

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Mass Planner Shut Down

Mass Planner Shut Down – Instagram Is On a Rampage

Mass Planner has been shut down by Instagram, just like Instagress and Archie. However, Massplanner was slightly different from Instagress and Archie in that it wasn’t only explicitly linked to […]

Instagress Shut Down

Instagress Shut Down – The End of an Era

One of the many Instagram bot websites, Instagress, has shut down for violating Instagram’s terms of use. It was mentioned briefly on its website that it was asked to shut […]


5 Things You Need to Know about Preventing Costly Data Breaches

Every organisation is susceptible to security breaches. More companies are using mobile technology to connect and access various online resources and assets, which substantially increases their risk. Cyber criminals are […]